Notions of Freedom

I went to Frank Hsieh’s talk today at MIT. He has really set self-determinism right at the center of his message, which is refreshingly principled in the light of how populist most Taiwanese politics tends to be. The thought process which he exposed really impressed me – he has a few axioms, being the goals (self-determinism and self-preservation) and a few heuristics for achieving those goals (his so called ‘mutualism’). Everything else is up for discussion because it is all derived. Beautiful, I say.

One thing he mentioned is the importance of appearing to the global community as a democracy worth protecting – the soft power that Taiwan has. This occurred to me as a problem when I was helping with the ROCSA name change referendum fiasco. I feel like even the Taiwanese at MIT are in general not very aware of certain basic notions in liberal democracy, for example things like due process and constitutionality. To develop a medium/channel (I’m thinking of a website) targetted at addressing this deficit would be most beneficial, in my opinion. I think raising this awareness amongst Taiwanese in Boston is a good intermediate step towards developing a way to raise the same awareness in Taiwan.

I do not presume to have the expertise nor the mandate to carry this out, but have been floating the idea to various people. If you are interested, leave me a comment.

One Response to “Notions of Freedom”

  1. Emma Chung says:

    I am so happy that you initiate the action. As a taiwanese, i always think that we shouold try to do something that will be beneficial to my country. However that is hard to take the first step. In Frank Hsieh’s talk he mentioned that the history of Taiwan being a democratic country is kind of short. We are very familir with the slogan of democracy but not with the nature of democratic. It is good to have a group of people who have the same passion to the awareness of Taiwan could have a channel to communicate with each other. Hoping through the discussions, and the exchange of opinions we can gain more insigh on what we can contribute in the future