Went with CF to a concert today at the Boston Symphony Hall. The first time I’ve ever stepped into the place. The acoustics were pretty good (they had to be, I heard everything quite clearly and we were almost all the way at the back) but the seats were less than comfortable. I had been told that Bach was on the program.

It turned out to be St. Matthew Passion. Prior to finding out the name of the piece, all I knew about Bach was that Stephen Hawking listened to lots of it during one long depression spell. I was expecting an instrumental piece in a minor key – I wasn’t prepared for something that heavy and wordy. I don’t know if it was remembered images from the movie coming through, the mental strain of reading German in dim light and mapping it to the English in the next column, or just the warm air and the slightly soggy shoes from the drizzle, but reality sure took on a strangely high resolution during those three hours. It lasted forever.

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