Media Lab

There was an article on Slashdot about a recent Media Lab product: essentially a bag with a hole in it. Here are some comments I agree with:

It’s a freaking PDA screen showing through a hole cut in the bag. The Media lab keeps getting lamer and lamer.

– MustardMan

Journal Entry – 8 August 2017

Got to work at 8:30. Pradesh, my cubicle-mate arrives ten minutes later, muttering Hindi obscenities. He’s wearing plaid pants in a pattern so garish that it would make a Scotsman commit suicide.

“Yo, Prad. What’s up with the slacks? You rent Braveheart IV last night?”

“Good gracious, no,” he repies. “Someone hacked my pants on the No. 6 train.”

We spent most of the morning doing a system restore on his trousers. Got them rolled back to pinstripes just before lunch.

– ktakki

I thought MIT was a leading technology school. How come we keep seeing this lame crap coming from them? OMG, I twisted some cat5e into a pony and had a fashion show. Or, I cut a hole in a bag so my PDA would show through. Aren’t these best and brightest supposed to be working on cool things like figuring out how to mass manufacture a fabric with OLEDs? Stop posting this crap.

I know of some pretty lame media lab research too.

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