Just saw the best argument against DRM today on Slashdot.

Opportunist (166417):

DRM does not only prevent copies. It allows you to retroactively void information, provided you have power over the keys to that information. If an information is no longer to be viewable, it can be erased. Including the copy you have on your computer. Its key is no longer valid, you can no longer view it. No, you couldn’t print it in the first place to have a hard copy that can’t be erased.

DRM is, in fact, the ability to recreate and reshape statements. While it won’t be as blatant as in 1984, where the announcer changes the name of the enemy mid sentence, it is going to be used, albeit more subtle. Whistleblowing will be incredibly hard, since you won’t have any evidence to back up your claim. The evidence you had will vanish, since there won’t be a key to unlock it anymore when you need it. Your key, the key you used when you were still allowed to view the information, will be deleted.

DRM is BY FAR more than the “threat” that we won’t be able to use our CD writers anymore. The real danger is that you can commit a crime and pretty much flush any evidence, if you’re in a position of power to create and delete keys to it.

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