Fortune’s Formula

On days with snow, activity to clear it continues through the night. It’s 2am, and I just finished reading Fortune’s Formula, I’m pretty excited by the ideas in the book, especially this dilemna over the acceptance of the Kelly Criterion that it has presented. I think I know how to resolve it – using something about ensembles, about the non-axiomaticity of risk adversity. It’s exciting to have something difficult but tractable to chew on, especially when the reform of personal values is potentially at stake – I’ve always never been satisfied with the idea that risk adversity was something innate – and in-born risk adversity must have evolved, and I think that I can prove that risk adversity of that nature could only have emerged via the Kelly Criterion.

The book as a whole was an inspiring story showcasing the power of ideas, I think. That’s its strongest appeal to me, at least.

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