When I went from undergrad to grad school, the introduction of a monthly stipend into my life gave me a natural unit in which to measure my monthly consumption. I never did itemized budgeting, but net positive savings was definitely a goal. This goal was easily reached, mostly due to my realization that scrimping on rent got me very far. As of a month ago, I started working, and for the first time ever, have substantial savings.

This introduces a degree of freedom, and with that, one more thing to optimize. There were a few decisions necessitated by the living environment, like eating out and using the wash-n-fold service instead of the laundromat. Other than that, however, it seems like the other decisions are going to be made by my choice of company more than anything else. Tonkatsu curry is the most delicious dish I can think of, and I really don’t think anything will change that. I do follow along when people go to fancy restaurants though.

2 Responses to “Budget”

  1. lisa says:

    well….. what else can you do to put more into saving??

  2. lisa says:

    would buying me dinner at fancy restaurant cost you your budget??? *_*