Singapore home sizes

It’s obvious that homes in Singapore are smaller than those in the US and many other parts of the world. Why is this so?


  • What percent of Singaporean household income is spent on housing? How regressive is this? How do we account for purchases using retirement funds (CPF)?
  • How does the demand curve for living space depend on household size and demographic group?
  • Do school districts have an observable influence? What about expat areas?


  • What proportion of the cost of an apartment due to the land?
  • How linear is the dependency between apartment value and apartment size?
  • How much cheaper are apartments with longer commutes?
  • How big is the effect of regulatory limits on living space to land ratios?
  • Does it make sense for the government to manage house prices because of their role as household collateral in a fractional reserve system? Are there significant interactions with monetary policy?
  • How much monopoly profit does the local building industry enjoy?

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