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Friday, July 7th, 2006

Another day of procrastination, avoiding those very important things that I have lined up. I have put off both short term and long term goals today. For example, that to-do list for the Canadian Visa. Sunday – definitely short term.

One other thing I have been thinking about for a while now. Learning Ocaml. It’s a programming language. It’s a programming language very different from the others that I currently know. That is a fact. What keeps this item on the list though, is speculation that Ocaml would be a very powerful development for my programming if I get around to learning it. You see, it is a language which is advertised as being very “expressive”. What that means is that, for a given program, Ocaml purports to allow the programmer to be much more succint in his code. What greater virtue is there in coding, after all, than the compact expression of abstract ideas? Well, the quality of expressiveness promises that, and that promise is one I believe.

Other than Ocaml, another expressive language is Common Lisp. Out of all the high level, expressive, functional (well, CL isn’t exactly functional, but whatever) languages, Ocaml produces the fastest binaries, and that’s why I plan to learn it first.

Plan to. ;)

Media Lab

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

There was an article on Slashdot about a recent Media Lab product: essentially a bag with a hole in it. Here are some comments I agree with:

It’s a freaking PDA screen showing through a hole cut in the bag. The Media lab keeps getting lamer and lamer.

– MustardMan

Journal Entry – 8 August 2017

Got to work at 8:30. Pradesh, my cubicle-mate arrives ten minutes later, muttering Hindi obscenities. He’s wearing plaid pants in a pattern so garish that it would make a Scotsman commit suicide.

“Yo, Prad. What’s up with the slacks? You rent Braveheart IV last night?”

“Good gracious, no,” he repies. “Someone hacked my pants on the No. 6 train.”

We spent most of the morning doing a system restore on his trousers. Got them rolled back to pinstripes just before lunch.

– ktakki

I thought MIT was a leading technology school. How come we keep seeing this lame crap coming from them? OMG, I twisted some cat5e into a pony and had a fashion show. Or, I cut a hole in a bag so my PDA would show through. Aren’t these best and brightest supposed to be working on cool things like figuring out how to mass manufacture a fabric with OLEDs? Stop posting this crap.

I know of some pretty lame media lab research too.

Brain Rot

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Do you ever get the feeling that the company was friendly and all, but seriously causing you brain rot?