My Dogma

Many of the things I say are dogmatic. I have decided to collect them here.

Philosophy underpins the validity of all general statements. We are able to reason about the future from past data only because of hard-coded, a priori assumptions. When deciding between generality and fundamentality vs specificity and accuracy, refer to Bayes’ Theorem. When deciding to accept the wisdom of others, know first their intentions and their criteria for simplicity. Unique thoughts are valuable for their own sake. Pluralism is good, relativism is trite and anti-intellectual.

The mind is a tunable tool, and most goals would be better achieved by tuning one’s own mind. Well run systems effectively commoditize people and reduce marginal freedom to zero – you have to be above-average to earn a surplus and get that freedom back – either that or choose to be in a poorly run system.

Dan Ariely:

we are all pawns in a game whose forces we largely fail to comprehend

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