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Last Updated 2016-02-26



Some code that I want to share.


2-D Random Walk

Simulates a 2-D random walk starting from (0,0) where each step is reduced by a factor *a* in size. Interesting values are 1/2 and the golden ratio (sqrt(5)+1)/2. From Bazant's diffusion class. In Common Lisp: here

Preferential Voting Data Collection Script

In 2005, the MIT Taiwanese club decided to have a vote on possibly changing the name of the club. One phase of the vote was for deciding which new name (there were 4 of them) to pit against the original. 2 of the new names were quite similar to each other, and so a simple plurality vote would have split the vote for them. I persuaded the use of a Preference Voting method, and implemented a simple script in python that ran on and authenticated people based on their MIT Certification, collected the voting data anonymously, and created a paper trail by emailing people a digitally signed copy of their own vote. The scripts are located here. Email me if you wish to use these and need help. Written in Python.

Brent's Method

Brent's Method for 1-d root bracketing. Algorithm from Wikipedia (6/17/06). Written in C++.